30. March 2020
What I really need for my daily (home) office work.
26. March 2020
Notes 11 is logging much more than the older versions. So let’s modify the debug level.
13. January 2020
HCL Notes 11 installation and setup isn't time consuming. It's just working.
14. November 2019
In HCL Connections Files the availability to add a Whiteboard document.
13. September 2019
Verse-Mail: Server-based mail archives.
07. February 2019
XTAF dictionaries are available to enable an English client to spell check e.g. in German... Please consider the post of Daniel Nashed's Blog. I can confirm the troubles on Windows! In a test environment, the installation of the XTAF dictionaries from Notes 9.0.1 did destroyed my Notes 10.0.1 Client. For MacOS I prefere: In the notes.ini add the following key: "SPELL_FORCE_LEGACY=1" (you can find the notes.ini in: "~/Library/Preferences/Notes Preferences") Download the dictionaries *.dic and...
20. December 2018
Notes 10.0.1 as my productive client, with a self made visual update.
12. November 2018
My Verse on Premise 1.0.5 Update has been failed.
10. October 2018
I've been waiting in Zürich for #Domino10 on different places and finally I found it at the University of Zürich! -> Check out the Video.
04. October 2018
Notes V10 beta 2 review, my first impressions and how can I customize the visual experience. #dominoforever

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