13. January 2020
HCL Notes 11 installation and setup isn't time consuming. It's just working.
14. November 2019
In HCL Connections Files the availability to add a Whiteboard document.
13. September 2019
Verse-Mail: Server-based mail archives.
07. February 2019
XTAF dictionaries are available to enable an English client to spell check e.g. in German... Please consider the post of Daniel Nashed's Blog. I can confirm the troubles on Windows! In a test environment, the installation of the XTAF dictionaries from Notes 9.0.1 did destroyed my Notes 10.0.1 Client. For MacOS I prefere: In the notes.ini add the following key: "SPELL_FORCE_LEGACY=1" (you can find the notes.ini in: "~/Library/Preferences/Notes Preferences") Download the dictionaries *.dic and...
20. December 2018
Notes 10.0.1 as my productive client, with a self made visual update.
12. November 2018
My Verse on Premise 1.0.5 Update has been failed.
10. October 2018
I've been waiting in Zürich for #Domino10 on different places and finally I found it at the University of Zürich! -> Check out the Video.
04. October 2018
Notes V10 beta 2 review, my first impressions and how can I customize the visual experience. #dominoforever
01. October 2018
Completed the Superstar Badge by 10 tasks listed on the Superstar scorecard. #domino2025.
24. April 2018
IBM Verse looks pretty well and every customer with a Domino server can use it. It's quite common to run the mail service on a cluster. But if you following the IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0.3 Administrator Documentation, (Installing and configuring) you will struggle at the point, where the cluster is important. – at the CREDSTORE!

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