Notes V10 beta2 review - customize theme - #domino10

I'm in the nice situation, to have today already Notes and Domino V10, - well it’s only the beta2 version.


Installing with the same process then Domino 9.0.1 on CentOS 7. It feels that the installation and the start of Domino 10 is way faster than the version before. ( - and this is only a beta version)

But focus on NOTES 10, where my expectations are! 

Since the year of 2007, when I saw first Lotus Notes 8, the visual experience hasn't been really improved. Now, more than 10 years later, Notes looks still more or less similar.

But in Notes 10 I can customize colors and the workspace background by myself. Let’s do it:



As long as I leave a blue color theme, it works fine. 


The background of the workspace can be modified by right-mouse clicking on the workspace.

The other colors from the Notes Client are changeable here: File -> Preferences -> Fonts Colors and Themes -> Customize Theme.

First try to create a smooth visual experience:


Icons, font colors and some backgrounds aren't changeable. 
Their coming from a template of a database, like the bookmarks.ntf,  pernames.ntf, mail.ntf, etc.

And some Icons are coming from the client, stored into the data\workspace directory after the setup.


Where are the colors stored?
1.    The background of the workspace is stored into the bookmark.nsf
2.    The colors of the workspace tabs are stored into the desktop8.ndk
3.    All other colors are stored in a text file:  %LocalAppData%\IBM\Notes\Data\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings\













I hope HCL will improve the customizing. To have an advantage for the users, the colors and graphic files must be able to push by a Notes policy. Important parts for the visual experience are the icons and the background colors, especially the menu icons. They are not customizable yet.