IBM Domino Superstar

Now, I’m well prepared for October 10th 2018, when IBM is unveiling Domino V10. This week I got the IBM Domino Superstar Batch from @IBMSocialBiz 



Bob Schultz, the General Manger of IBM Collaboration and Talent, will be on October 10th in Zürich, to present the launch of Domino V10 and the further steps behind the IBM's collaboration solution strategy.


After a long period of dry spell, IBM is announcing Domino/Notes V10 with a today's concept.


·    The UX is customisable to make it looking good and clean.


·    New backend interfaces to improve functionality with the current technology and protocols.


·    Taking the strong and stable base from the old versions.



I’m really curious what Domino V10 actually can and if the market likes the new concept.