Read Meeting Room Side - if you have a proxy…

Setting up IBM Mail on a very Microsoft client environment. The Mailbox is on a IBM Domino Server, connected by IMSMO (IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook)




In Outlook, I’d like to schedule a new meeting. Inviting users from the Domino address book works very well, also if I enter a name of a room or a resource (mail-in).

But if I would like to search an available room at the desired meeting time, I get an error: "...There’s no information for the side and room..." and ..."please contact the Administrator"

Ahhhrrrr! I’m the f*** administrator, there is no other administrator than me out there!

How ever, I guess Outlook can’t read the Information of the site….



There is an error on the Domino console:

The following error occurred during the invocation of the handlers chain: WebApplicationException (404 - Not Found) with message 'null' while processing GET request sent to htt
HTTP JVM: ://!!names.nsf

1.    Enabling the http log on server site and analyzing the Domino Data Service call (for the REST API) on our server. With the same result than before: WebApplicationException (404 - Not Found)

2.    Installing IMSMO on a test server and finding out, it works and the call looks right! /CN=SERVERDOM04%2fO=Test!!names.nsf

3.     Wondering why there is a / instead of %2F  in the URI:


4.    Thinking about the difference – Oh the proxy (nginx)! Searching for a HTTP-proxy setting to convert special characters or not.

5.    Finding the right hint into the documentation of the HTTP-proxy.*

*From the documentation (
If proxy_pass is specified with URI, when passing a request to the server, part of a normalized request URI matching the location is replaced by a URI specified in the directive

    location /foo {

                           proxy_pass; }
If proxy_pass is specified without URI, a request URI is passed to the server in the same form as sent by a client when processing an original request
    location /foo {
                          proxy_pass;   }